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迈克: 你好!我很乐意跟你交朋友。首先,我向你介绍一下我自己。 我的名字叫刘宇涵,中国人,我家有爸爸、妈妈、我和小狗贝贝。爸爸是一名总经理,他总是那么忙。妈妈长得很漂亮,她天天都很开心。我是一名二年级的小学生,爱看电视、玩沙包。...

Dear Amy, Do you have any schedule this Saturday? If not, please come to my birthday party at my house! I will invite all of my classmates and friends and I'm sure you will have fun. I live in the eighth house in the Fuzhou str...

I am a happy schoolboy, my family members and my mom and dad, and brother. Do not look at my grades were pretty good, but I'm careless, once homework, I go and write the right words, then the father and mother and brother gave ...

Dear Mike, I am glad to hear from you.You asked me about the tips in learning English.Now I'd like to say someting about it. First,you should choose the right study method,or you won't achieve anything no matter what efforts yo...




对应的英语: Hello Mike, I’m writing something about weather in my place as you requested. The weather is quite nice in the spring, and flowers blooms everywhere. But sometimes it changes dramatically. It’s very hot in the summ...


DearMike, my name is kangkang.My school stars at 7o'clock,it finishes at half past 3. I do homework everyday. I'm a good students.I learn very hard in school. love,KangKang 希望我能帮到你。采纳吧。

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